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Comparison websites can provide one of the best ways to obtain the best prices for products or services with the minimum amount of effort.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement to drive on the roads in the UK. There is a penalty of receiving points on your driving licence as well as a hefty fine if found without car insurance.


Apart from the legal repercussions of being found driving without car insurance, there are also the financial and moral issues of driving without insurance. You could leave a family without the required finances to care for a family member that you knock down and injure or leave yourself without a car or the finances to replace it in the event of a collision.

Many of the car insurance comparison websites will provide the ability to view and select from a list of options including protecting your no claims bonus, an additional excess, third party only etc.

House Insurance

Although house insurance is not a legal requirement (but it is likely to be a requirement from your mortgage company to protect their investment) it is a valuable contribution to peace of mind.

Home insurance can cover a whole host of problems, from theft to leaks and accidental damage. The different types of cover will vary from policy to policy, so make sure that you purchase a sufficient level of cover for your specific requirements.

Comparison websites such as the following offer an easier way to obtain quotes than phoning all the individual companies separately:
Compare The Market

Driving Schools

Contrary to popular belief, all driving schools vary greatly in the service that they offer as well as the prices that they charge.

Some driving schools will provide cheap deals to begin with, but then hike up their prices when you become established with them. Therefore it is always a good idea to look beyond the initial deals towards the ongoing prices as well.

The best deals for lessons or courses will not necessarily be the cheapest prices, as cheap is no good if you never pass your driving test.

Using a compare driving schools website can make your job much easier when looking around for great long term deals.

Further details for driving lessons can be found on the following pages:

Pet Insurance

Vet bills, if not properly prepared for, can sometimes be an unwelcome surprise at a time when you could already be stressed by caring for a sick pet.


Pet insurance will generally not cover you for problems that you were aware of prior to taking out the insurance. Therefore it may be important to have made a decision and purchased any required insurance prior to a pet becoming unwell.

A comparison website such as www.petinsuranceonline.co.uk could be the answer to finding the best deal on a sufficient level of cover for your cat or dog

Credit Cards

Credit card deals can be hard to find, especially in a tough financial climate. Therefore it can be even more important to use the services of a company such as MoneySupermarket.com.

This site, along with many others can provide you with details of many deals out there to compare between. They are not paid for by you, so you have nothing to lose. Instead, they are paid for by the credit card companies themselves, if and when they provide the company with a new customer.

Driving Lessons

People can, all to often be quick to opt for the big names in driving lessons and not shop around to ensure that they are getting the best service at the best price for their driving lessons.

There is so much more to comparing driving lessons than simply looking at the prices and a website such as ĎDriving Lessons Londoní can help to find and compare the prices and services of the different driving lessons on offer locally.

A few other examples of pages for driving lesson comparison are Driving Lessons Preston and Driving Lessons Enfield.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover is not a legal requirement in the UK but it can certainly save you a lot of time and stress, not to mention money in the case of a car breakdown.

In the case of a breakdown, where you need you be towed in an emergency (off the motorway hard shoulder for example) there will, more than likely be a steep charge associated with it.

The benefit with having cover for such a situation is that there will, in most cases, be no additional charges in such a case. Even though there is the initial outlay of paying for the cover, the money saved could be substantial. Imagine for a moment having a breakdown while on holidays in Scotland, and having to be towed all the way back home to London. Such a journey (if you didnít have insurance in place to cover it) could easily cost in excess of 2 or 3 hundred pounds!

For Breakdown Cover you could try Green Flag.